Laboratory is certificated by Odessa regional standardizations, metrology and certification center on the execution of investigations in sphere of the national metrological control expansion.

Certificate of attestation № PO-308/2006 from 28.07.2006

Static load
testing of piles.

CC “VeSTT” has a laboratory of field methods of soil investigation as a part of geological engineering surveys at its disposal.

Laboratory makes soil investigations on civilian, industrial and rural building objects on demands of construction companies.

Investigations are performed with the help of piles using dynamic and static imposed loads. A bearing power of piles and compliance of this data with design loads specified in the project of pile foundation are determined during this process. Investigations are performed on experimental plots during construction process and also on production piles of foundation frameworks of buildings and constructions.

Field investigations of soil were performed in 2006-2009 years on construction projects of housing buildings in Odessa in Lidersovskiy Blvd., Kovalevskogo Str., Literaturnaya Str., Ak.Glushko Str., Generala Tsvetayeva Str, Lustdorfskoya Road, in the Consulate General of Russian Federation building complex and on some of industrial buildings and installations.