Multifunctional portal equipment for metal thermal cutting AG400.

Equipment for metal thermal cutting is used for cutting metal by method of gas-oxygen and plasma cutting.

This equipment makes it possible to perform cutting of metal in straight-line path (cutting of sheet into flats with 5 cutters simultaneously), to perform a curvilinear cutting under the scheme with 2 cutters(plasma and gas-oxygen), and also to perform chamfer cutting (of K,Y,X types) on the straight path of flat cut.

In this equipment modern software and PNC systems are used which allow to perform optimal automatic cutting of sheet according to the models of systems CAD details.

Equipment is a portal mechanical structure which is moved by rail track with mounted working equipment. On the front face the plasma and gas-oxygen cutters of curvilinear cutting (also for chamfer) are placed, and on the backside cutters of straight-line cutting are placed.

On another side the cutters of shape cutting operated by PNC are placed. The cutters have a system of automatic firing and system of monitoring the gap between nozzle and metal. The control of cutting is performed from the control panel with imaging of the whole process on the screen of the industrial computer.

Procedure of creation

Contact information

LLC “VESTT-AS”, 65031, city of Odessa
5A, Leningradskoe Highway

Tel.: +380 (48) 778-13-44,
+380 (98) 300-99-18


Limited Liability Company “VeSTT-AS” is a leading producer of steel constructions, semitrailers, trailers and carriage body automotive equipment.

Load carrying capacity of vehicles produced on the plant is from 0.3 to 60 tones. Enterprise has a capacity for production development, it has a highly qualified personnel and takes dominant position on the market.

Taking into account agricultural specifics of the region enterprise pays much attention to production of trailers and semi trailers for agricultural purposes, by which the transportation of all types of grain harvesters is performed. Along with series-produced semi trailers, the trailers with required parameters and dimensions are produced on request.

Semitrailer — harvester-carrier

830034 830020

Tandem-axel semitrailer serves for transportation of grain harvesters and tractors on public road network as a part of truck-tractors: KamAZ 54115, Z-54323, KrAZ-5444, MAZ-64229, KrAZ-6444.

Technical parameters

Mass of transporting load 19000 kg
Mass of loaded semitrailer 8000 kg
Total mass of semitrailer 27000 kg
Load of semitrailer of total mass:
— on tires of bogie axle* 11000 kg
— on tires of rear bogie* 16000 kg
Wheeltread of semitrailer 2830 mm
Width of semitrailer with standard tires** 3500 mm
Overall height of semitrailer with fixed harvester 4450 mm
On the semitrailer the wheels with tires are fixed 9,00R20
Electrical equipment from the truck tractor 24 V
Maximal traverse speed 50 km/hour

*    is allowed by construction.

It is equipped::

  • spare tyre with carrier;
  • back, front and side lamps;
  • plug-in-socket for hooking up the electrical equipment;
  • 2 landing ramps;
  • 2 wheel chocks;
  • 2 removable splash guards.

Semitrailer — bulk grain carrier

935764 935766

Three-axle trailer — grain carrier serves for transportation of grain, sunflower seeds, malt and compound animal feedstuff on public road network as a part of road train with truck-tractors MAZ-5432, MAZ-64229, KaMAZ-6460, KaMAZ-5460, MAZ-642208-020 and other of the same technical characteristics.

Semitrailer is made in climatic modification of “U” category 1 according to all Union State Standard 15150 (for supplying the regions and countries of the moderate climate) and with capacity to work with temperature from — 45C to +45C with relative humidity up to 80% with temperature +20C.

Technical parameters

Mass of transporting load 21000 kg
Mass of loaded semitrailer 10000 kg
Total mass of semitrailer 31000 kg
Total mass of semtrailer loading:
— on weight-bearing swivel connection 9000 kg
— on road through bogie axle 22000 kg
Overall dimensions of semitrailer 13350×2500×3800 mm
Interior volume not less then 45 cu.m
Full speed 60 km/hour
electrical equipment with power from truck tractor 24 V

Technical parameters and dimensions of semitrailer may be specified in the process of designing by agreement with customer.

The coloration and advertising signs are specified additionally.

Body — frameless with bearing steel framework, base and covering. Body inside is made as a one bunker for grain and combined feed. The top (roof of the bunker) is soft, made of awning material; opening and closing of awning is performed from the ground with the help of hand operated mechanism. There is a hatch in the bottom of bunker for loading of grain which is closed with the help of powered drive shutter.

Three-axle moving aggregate on six spring suspension four center points suspension; 12 wheels with ISO binding; tires dimension 12,00R20 (320R508).

Brake systems: working — pneumatic, double-wire with drum brakes and parking — spring brake with pneumatic circuit.

It is equipped:

  • spare tyre with carrier;
  • back, front and side lamps;
  • plug-in-socket for hooking up the electrical equipment;
  • 2 landing ramps;
  • 2 wheel chocks;
  • 2 removable splash guards.

Body 2m

Specific van truck for radio technical apparatus and transportation on roads with capacity of road trains with thrust load passing.

Possible length of van truck — 2000; 4000; 6000mm.