Raw material supplies base of the company is own sand pit “Kuchurgany”

Background note

The history of the enterprise has started in 1975, in the time when “Odessa Manufacturing Association of Construction Materials” was redesignated into “Odessa plan management of Calcareous materials”.

This enterprise was reorganized into Odessa plant of construction materials #1 in 1978, and it was reorganized into the lease enterprise “Silikat Ltd” in 1992 after collapse of the Soviet Union.

Lease enterprise “Silikat” was renamed into “Silikat” in 1995.

In 2010 JSC “Silikat” was transformed in “Sidikat LTD”.

Tile brick Certificate # 1.033.0057088-08 dated 17.04.2008

hole brick Certificate # 1.033.0057080-08 dated 17.04.2008

“Silikat Ltd” is an enterprise which produces calcareous brick. Railway shop, road transport shop, carpenter’s shop and also shop for making reinforcing frameworks are located in warehouse.

Besides that, the company performs the services of loose goods transshipment, that is delivered by railway transport. “Silikat Ltd” has at its disposal wage scales and auto weight for customer services.

“Silikat Ltd” produces common, tile and whole calcareous brick of M-100, M-125, M-150, M175, M-200 grades.

Tile calcareous sesquialteral brick Whole calcareous sesquialteral brick Whole calcareous ordinary brick
Grades: Grades: Grades:
-100pc, -125pc, -150pc, -175pc, -200pc -100, -125, -150, -175, -200 -100, -125, -150, -175, -200
Unit of measurement: Unit of measurement: Unit of measurement:
1000 items conditionally definable 1000 items conditionally definable 1000 items conditionally definable
Price list for good produced by “Silikat Ltd”
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Calcareous brick is a pollution-free constructional material. It constitutes of sand, water and lime. This material is very popular in developed countries due to such advantages as strength, geometry fidelity, esthetic design, low price and easiness of using.

One more advantage of calcareous brick is its extra soundproof characteristic, that plays an important role while building separation walls between apartments and rooms.

Contact information

Address and telephone numbers: Bank details

“Silikat Ltd”, 65031, Odessa,
Leningradskoye Road, 5A

Tel: +380 (48) 7781162, 7781164;
Fax: +380 (48) 7282293

Current account 26005038515000 at Odessa Department of Joint Stock Commercial

Investment Bank “UkrSibbank”
Bank Branch Location Code 351005
ACEO 05518658,
Taxpayer ID number 055186515435,
Reg. certificate # 100042750 dated 11.01.2002